Technical Manager - Sustainable Gas

Company:  DCC Energy
Req ID:  7016
Salary:  Excellent plus Benefits


Contract Type:  Permanent
Date Posted:  6 Jul 2024

This is a DCC Energy Regional role and can be based in either; Ireland, UK, France, Benelux, Nordics or DACH.


DCC Energy

The DCC Energy division operates through 7,600 colleagues in 13 countries and enables customers to heat their homes, manufacture products and/or power their logistics. We are leading providers of energy today and support our customers on their energy transition journey by offering a choice of cleaner energy sources. Many of our customers are in segments of the market that face particularly high economic, technological and societal barriers to change. DCC is in a unique position to work with our suppliers, customers and other stakeholders to help overcome those barriers.


In September 2023, DCC Energy shared its “cleaner energy in your power” strategy with an ambition to double profits and half carbon by 2030. We aim to deepen out the path to net zero emissions for our customers, thanks to a multi-energy product slate and integration capability. Among other initiatives, success requires substituting fossil molecules with a considerable volume of bio-based or low-carbon alternatives.


DCC Energy is a major distributor of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG, butane or propane), with our LPG subsidiaries supplying c. 1.3 MT in FY23 across 10 countries and representing a significant portion of the division’s profits. LPG is used in bulk or in cylinders, for cooking, heating or industrial processes. It has a lower carbon footprint than oil products and we aim to further extend its relevance with a strategy to proactively substitute fossil LPG by low carbon liquid gas, with 300 kT as our target volume by 2030.


To execute the strategy, we are forming a creative and expert Divisional Sustainable Gas team to which these roles will be key.  This team is specifically designed to expedite and spearhead the implementation of our Low Carbon Liquid Gas roadmap. We are on the lookout for individuals who embody excellence and passion, eager to contribute to the renewable energy sector and be integral to a purposeful and impactful transition. If you are among the best and brightest talents, driven by a passion for renewable energy, we invite you to be part of this transformative journey.


Further information on DCC Energy is available at 


Purpose of the role

The technical advisor will support DCC Energy’s sustainable gas team and its 10 LPG subsidiaries in the development of their low carbon liquid gas supply portfolio by evaluating production opportunities from a technical standpoint and supporting the maturation of novel production pathways. The role will be instrumental in the identification, assessment and ranking of relevant technologies, production pathways, partners, and projects.  While the focus (over 80%) will be on low carbon liquid gas, such as renewable or low carbon propane, butane or DME (dimethyl ether), the technical advisor may also support other emerging sustainable gas opportunities such as clean hydrogen, liquefied biogas, ammonia.


Key responsibilities

Technical Roadmap:

  • Establish and keep an up-to-date overview of low carbon liquid gas production pathways, supply sources and our ranking of their potential and relevance. Support ranking by assessing technical maturity and improvement potential, feedstock availability matters, cost competitiveness.
  • Participate in assessing DCC Energy’s portfolio of options against this ranking and suggest new production pathways to investigate or invest into.

Opportunity Assessment:

  • Support the sustainable gas team and local subsidiaries (particularly business development professional) in the evaluation of proposed supply projects and investments from a technical standpoint.
  • Disseminate relevant technical expertise to staff, in order to empower them in choosing and executing supply opportunities.
  • Challenge and steer partners or advisory firms to reduce technical risks in project delivery and optimize the competitiveness and abundance of the gas supply output.

Technical Partnerships:

  • Identify key technical partners (either technology providers, EPC contractors, operators)
  • Participate in establishing collaboration with such firms and steer the partnerships.

Market Intelligence:

  • Participate in team review of renewable fuels market and industry developments.
  • Participate in the sharing of insights on low carbon liquid gas or other sustainable fuels, update to the low carbon liquid gas strategy and roadmap and evaluation of new opportunities in the sustainable fuels landscape.

Research and Development:

  • Propose projects that advance novel low carbon liquid gas production technologies, when consistent with DCC Energy’s strategy
  • Execute such projects, steering partners to optimize benefits for the industry and DCC.

Policy Support:

  • Support DCC public affairs and other staff (centrally and in subsidiaries) in surveying the regulatory environment, assessing the impact of proposed changes, and designing or advocating measures appropriate to incentivize LCLG production development.
  • Participate in relevant industry working groups focused on renewable gas (e.g., WLGA, LGE).


The Candidate

  • >15 years’ experience in R&D, engineering, or front-end project development, within the energy or chemicals sectors.
  • A master’s degree in engineering or a scientific discipline, preferably chemical, mechanical, electrical or energy related.
  • Demonstrated mastery of relevant technologies and engineering matters in one of the following areas: biofuels, power-to-X, petrochemicals, waste to energy or LPG.
  • Superior analytical and synthesis skills, with the ability to collect, upgrade and integrate knowledge on various technical matters.
  • Strong at working with contractors or partners to drive insights and produce quality assessments and trials.
  • An expert with a passion to learn more and gift to serve and empower others.
  • Able to shift between in-depth focus with attention to details, and 80/20 assessments.
  • Fluency in English is essential, ideally proficiency in at least one other European language.